Scott McGillivray Chooses Integris Law as a Trusted Real Estate Professional in Oakville, Ontario

Dec 10, 2021

Today, Integris Law, a growing real estate law firm with 6 locations all over Ontario, announced that they have established a partnership with The Scott McGillivray Group. This partnership cements Integris Law’s position as the first Real Estate Law Firm in the Trusted Partners Program.

The partnership includes brand integrations, social content, endorsements, and more. The Trusted Partners Program consists of a network of businesses and service providers representing the very best in Canada. The McGillivray Group executive team has set out the criteria that all businesses must meet to be part of the program. It includes delivering results and depth of experience.

From his experience with 100’s of real estate investments over the past 20 years, TV star Scott McGillivray knows first hand about the value a knowledgeable, connected, and dedicated Real Estate Agent brings to the buying and selling process.   

“When buying or selling a home, working with an experienced real estate professional makes all the difference,” advises Scott. “It’s important to partner with professionals that have the market knowledge and expertise guaranteed to make your real estate journey a smooth and successful one.” Real Estate Professionals in the McGillivray Trusted Professional Program have been selected based on a combination of their excellence in client satisfaction, depth of experience, and proven ability to deliver results.

Diane Ulman & Brandon Lee, founders of Integris Law, are proud to have been recognized as the first McGillivray Trusted Professional for Real Estate Lawyers in Oakville, Ontario. 

Integris Law is a boutique and modern law firm designed to make your Real Estate dealings smooth and hassle-free. The firm has maximized its services with the use of technology to remove time-consuming transactions. Notarial Services in locations like North York are available even on weekends for the busiest of clients. The firm is led by Diane Ulman and Brandon Lee. 

Whether you are purchasing, selling, refinancing, or investing we will work closely with your realtor and help you navigate all legal issues so you have a smooth closing.

We handle all types of residential real estate matters, including title transfers, survivorship applications, and purchase and sale agreement preparation for sale by owner (FSBO) transactions.

Our goal is to keep you well informed and involved in each and every aspect of this milestone in your life.

About Diane Ulman

Diane Ulman is pragmatic and collaborative in her approach to facilitating real estate and wills & estate files. She offers significant insight and practical experience to help clients resolve issues and advance their matters. In California, she brokered real estate leases on behalf of the telecommunications industry. Returning to Ontario, she has focused her practice on real estate, private mortgages and notary public & has 10 years of experience practicing law.



About Brandon Lee

Brandon P. Lee blends his academic legal training with real-world experience to fully understand the needs of the firm’s clientele and offer practical solutions to meet those needs. Before co-founding Integris Law, Brandon honed his skills in sales, real estate, real estate development/management, business management, and political strategy. Brandon began his practice in corporate litigation. Today, his legal practice spans real estate, wills & estates matters and notary public.



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About Scott McGillivray

Scott McGillivray is North America’s go-to expert when it comes to all things real estate and renovation. He’s a real estate investor, contractor and star of the hit HGTV TV shows such as Income Property, Buyers Bootcamp and Vacation House Rules. Passionate about helping people learn the ins-and-outs of how to succeed in renovation and real estate, Scott is now sharing his own hard-earned, insider secrets with property owners in the hit HGTV show, Scott’s Vacation House Rules. McGillivray emphasizes the importance of using a qualified Real Estate Professional by recognizing a select few of the best real estate minds in the country through his McGillivray Trusted Agent and Trusted Professional programs.


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