Moving into a new house and enjoying the fruits of your labor is a remarkable milestone. It’s not just a roof over your head, it’s a symbol for all the hard work you’ve done. But before you can start inviting your friends over to your swanky new home, you must first find the right one.

House buying is a unique experience. It requires a lot of patience and wits. When one is house hunting, it’s not just about the fixtures and number of rooms. Not anymore, that is.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Neighbourhood
When you start looking for a home, it’s good to ask yourself the question, “where should I live?”

Wise home buyers must factor in the kind of neighbourhood they’ll be living in. This can help you trim down your options and hone in on the property of your dreams.

  1. Safety and Security
    The safety of your future neighbourhood should be at the top of your list when house hunting. Think of a community that is safe whether you have children, or moving alone. Pay attention to the following:
    • Street lights – how well-lit is your street at night? Having an adequate amount of street lighting makes for a safer neighbourhood.
    • Crime Stats – this isn’t about finding a spotless, crime-free community. Each area will have some level of criminal activity but pay attention when reports show a high frequency.
    • The Neighbours – in your open house visit, try sparking a conversation with the neighbors. Introduce yourself and talk about your concerns. They are good indicators of whether the area is safe or not.
  2. Proximity To Stores
    Running errands is part of our modern life. There’s always that day when we need to do a quick run to the grocery or pharmacy. Find out if a potential neighbourhood is conveniently near stores. Even if you are eyeing a more rural location, consider the drive to and fro.
  3. Commute
    And speaking of drives… When choosing your future home, remember to factor in the commute to work. If you want to have a short commute, limit your house hunting to the nearest and most accessible location. Check out train and bus routes too.
  4. Parks and Amusements
    You don’t just move into a new home, you also move into a lifestyle. What do you enjoy doing outdoors? Does your potential neighbourhood offer parks or walking trails? Is it pet or child-friendly? Are there sidewalks where you can safely get some fresh air?
  5. School District
    If you are planning to have children, or already have a brood ready to move in, it is likely you have their education in mind when you are house hunting. As a family, it is common to prioritize well-performing school districts. If you are looking for extra-curricular activities for your children to participate in, look into the sports programs and other groups that the city or town has to offer.

When choosing a home based on the neighbourhood, always remember to think of what matters to you. Do you enjoy going out and eating in good restaurants? Do you want to be surrounded by nature? Or do you want to walk to the nearest cafe? Add these to your list of factors the next time you go house hunting.

Talk to your realtor and give them the full picture of what this journey means for you. If it helps, describe the kind of weekends you would like to have. A good real estate agent will be able to show you the locations and listing where those dreams are possible.

You want to be comfortable when making one of the biggest decisions of your life. Make sure you are surrounded by honest and trustworthy people who can guide you through the homebuying process.

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