7 Most Asked Questions About Selling A Home

Aug 19, 2022

The decision to sell a house is not an easy one for any homeowner. After years of spending on improvements and years of making precious memories in a home, it’s not always easy to uproot the family and move.

There are also various concepts, steps and procedures that you need to learn to make sure that you are selling your house at the right price.

To make this real estate journey a smooth and hassle-free ride for you, we’ve rounded up some of the most asked questions about selling a home. Check them out below.


#1 – Do I really need a real estate agent?

Though technically it is not required for a property to be bought or sold, it is

highly recommended in today’s market. One of the first and most important steps a seller needs to make is to find a trustworthy real estate agent. 

Be prepared with all the right questions when interviewing. Take the time to read reviews and connect with former clients to get a feel of how they do their work. 

Here at Integris Law, we know how every homeowner is different. We can help you find the right real estate agent that matches your needs and expectations.


#2 – What is a Seller’s Listing Agreement? Do I need one of those?

Once you’ve connected with the right real estate agent for you, you’ll need to sign the Seller’s Listing Agreement. 

This document details all the conditions of your partnership with the real estate professional. Don’t move forward in your real estate journey without this document. This will keep you informed with pertinent details including the commission rate, the agent’s actions to sell the property and more.


#3 – When do people start seeing my home?

Once you start working with a real estate agent, your home will be promoted to buyers almost right away. It’s helpful to start preparing your home the moment you decided to sell.

Get necessary renovations in the way. Talk to your agent about initial property inspections and home staging. 


#4 – Where do I list my home?

List your home through a multiple listing service. Your agent will use this to properly promote your property sale through various platforms. 

Listing in multiple channels will alert more potential buyers to see your house and increase interest in your property.


#5 – What happens in an open house?

Now that you are officially selling your house, work with your agent to organize open houses or private viewings. You will need to schedule these in advance. 

Make sure that your house is clean and ready for buyers to see its truest potential. Don’t forget that your entire family (and pets) need to be out of the house when agents showcase the property. 


#6 – Why isn’t my house selling?

There are many possible reasons for a house not selling. It could be: 1) It isn’t priced right; 2) It hasn’t been marketed well, or 3) It does not stage well for potential Buyers. 

Talk to your agent and revisit your strategy.


#7 – There’s a buyer! When do we move out?

So the sale is finally complete! What happens next? There’s no doubt that this is one of the most emotional moments for the whole family.

Discuss with your lawyers how much time you have before you need to give the keys to the new homeowners. 


It may seem like a lot of work to get your house sold. The good news is, with the right real estate team (agent and lawyer) by your side, you can reduce the confusion and stress. 🏡


Integris Law has five locations based in Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and Etobicoke and we are happy to come to you. We provide legal services across the Greater Golden Horseshoe and regularly see clients in Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Woodbridge, Milton, Brampton, Dundas, Hamilton, and Stoney Creek.

Connect with Integris Law today.

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